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The number of vehicles currently has reached 140 million units, of the number of vehicles registered in Indonesia, now it has reached 139 million, or to be precise 138,556,669 units of vehicles.

This figure includes the number of motorbikes with the largest contribution of 82% or 113,030,793 motorbikes, followed by private cars with a contribution of 12% or as many as 15,439,068 cars. The remaining contribution came from buses, cargo cars, and special vehicles.


Almost all of the problems above are related to the use of fuel, some people have found a solution to how routine fuel spending is more efficient, driving is more enjoyable, and even makes the solution a very attractive business opportunity.

Seeing a reality like this, of course the business opportunities for Eco Racing products have a better prospect every year.

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The main products are Eco Racing and Eco Diesel, unique products, which are clearly needed by everyone because of the real benefits, the business market is wide, there is no competitor for similar products, low prices, so it is easy to sell directly, a return on investment, large profit margins, easy to send via courier service and cheap postage because the product is light

Specially designed for motor vehicle owners with gasoline

Specially designed for car owners with gasoline.

Specially designed to optimize combustion in engines with diesel fuel, recommended diesel cn 48-51 (ordinary diesel)

Eco Racing Nano Tech – Protects the engine up to 20k Km under normal use and is an oil additive product created through a new invention with nano technology that can convert standard oil molecules into small nano-sized molecules



LVN STROBERI, as the name implies, contains Collagen which functions as nutrition for the skin. Human skin will gradually age, and it will no longer be young because of insufficient collagen intake.

Calcium is essential for building strong bones and teeth, promotes nerve development and muscle function, helps blood clot and activates enzymes that convert food into energy.

LVN SLIM also contains fruit and vegetable extracts, high fiber found in vegetables and fruits helps you take good care of digestion. besides fiber can also remove toxins or toxins in the intestines.

Ecomaxx Coffee is Great Coffee, specially formulated with MACA, TRIBULUS, GINSENG, and others. so that the benefits obtained are extraordinary.

Habspro is a premium herbal capsule formulated from Black Seed extract and Propolis and Bee Pollen extract with 10 times the nutritional content of ordinary Habatussauda.

LVN Peeling Lotion is a facial skin care product in the form of a thick scrub, which functions to clean facial skin from accumulated dust, dirt, sebum and dead skin cells.

LVN Peeling Lotion, enriched with Bentonite, Allantoin and Vitamin E.

Besides being effective in cleaning the skin from dirt, dust and dead skin cells, it also treats skin moisture and softness, so that the face looks cleaner and brighter without feeling dry.

LVN Serum is a skin care product that is specially formulated with a combination of vitamin C, Vitamin E and Collagen, to help disguise the signs of premature aging of the skin, such as wrinkles, dull and dry skin, black spots. Besides that, it also helps to maintain the elasticity and moisture of your skin, while making the skin look bright.

Composition / Ingredients: Aqua, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Hydrolized Collagen, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Allantoin, Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate, DMDM Hydantoin, HYarulonic Acid.

LVN Day Cream is a gentle cream that is used during the day, to protect your facial skin from sun exposure and UV radiation, which can damage your skin’s natural beauty.

LVN Day Cream, treats your skin from the bad effects of the sun while keeping it moisturized throughout the day, so that your skin remains soft and radiant.

LVN Cleansing Oil, a 3 in 1 facial cleanser as a facial cleanser / makeup, moisturizer as well as a facial skin freshener. There is practically no need to rinse.

The oil content in LVN Cleansing oil will absorb dirt and makeup, just like a dirt magnet. So, the makeup is lifted perfectly, as well as moisturizing the skin.

Enriched with collagen content, so that the skin does not feel dry, but still soft and elastic.

ECO FEED is a livestock vitamin that has many benefits including:

Suitable for rice, vegetables, secondary crops, soybeans, ornamental plants, sugar cane, green beans, red beans, fruits, palm tobacco, jambe, oil palm, coffee, dates, cassava.


Eco Racing is an excellent technology that is able to increase the value of RON and MON in harmony with vehicle gasoline.

Let us introduce a new fuel breakthrough, namely Eco Racing is a fuel booster, which is an organic based additive that helps increase the value of octane and cetane from fuel, with 10 years of research and product feasibility laboratory testing.

Clean the machine

Cleaning your vehicle engine so that the vehicle's service life is longer

Protect engine

Protects the engine from high temperatures so it is safe to drive every day

Save on gasoline

Eco racing has been tested to save fuel consumption in your vehicle

The best solution for vehicle engine performance with ECO RACING



Dyno Test by MotorPlus Magazine

Emission Test at DISHUB, TOYOTA AUTO 2000, ASTRA & TUNAS DAIHATSU, we offer a solution for you with the following benefits:

Increase Engine Power and Acceleration

Reducing Machine Maintenance Costs

Save fuel up to 30-50%

Clean dirt, (spark plugs, tank, clean combustion chamber)

Extends machine life

Extends the life of the oil by 3X

Protecting Machine Components (Nano Technology)

Eliminates CO pollution up to 100%

Optimizing the combustion process on the engine.

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Eco Racing is a fuel additive that is safe for engines because it is made from 100% organic ingredients, the result of 10 years of ITB undergraduate research, has passed laboratory tests, emission tests at the dishub, Toyota Auto 2000, and Astra and Tunas Daihatsu. Its main benefits are to improve fuel quality, provide engine maintenance, increase engine performance, improve combustion, provide savings and eliminate pollution.

  1. The benefits of Eco Racing include:

    – Clean the Fuel Line System
    – Removes carbon residue and sediment content
    – Protects the engine from corrosion with Nano technology
    – As anti-microorganisms

    – Increase the Octane figure 5-10 RON (Gasoline)
    – Increase Cetane Numbers 2-5 CN (Solar)
    – Improves burning
    – Increase power & acceleration
    – Reduces vibration
    – Engine sound becomes smoother
    – Saves fuel up to 50%
    – Saves oil up to 3x

    3. GO GREEN
    – Reducing Carbon Emissions
    – Reducing exhaust emissions
    – Eliminates CO gas emissions up to 100%

  • For motorbikes there is an Eco Motor
    Rules of use 1Butir for 4Lt premium / pertalite.
  • For cars there are eco cars.
    1Butir usage rules for 20-30Lt
  • For diesel engine cars, generators, heavy equipment, buses, there is Eco Diesel.
  • Car & Bus usage regulations 1: 50-70Lt diesel.
  • For Genset, diesel, Cobelco (heavy equipment 1: 70-80Lt.
  • * Small eco diesel package.
  • 1 grain for 10Lt diesel.
  • Eco Racing is safe for engines because:

    – Eco Racing is made from 100% organic ingredients

    – Research Results of ITB Undergraduate for 10 years

    – Has passed the dynotest test by MotorPlus Tabloid, emission test at the Transportation Agency, Toyota Auto 2000, and Astra and Tunas Daihatsu.

    – Has gone through direct testing on hundreds of vehicles and there are no complaints even though it has been more than 1 year using Eco Racing, the engine is still in good condition and the engine performance is good.

There are several types of fuel savers that still contain Zn and Pb (lead) which actually damage the engine and cause crust on the gasoline filter.
Eco racing is fully organic so that it blends easily with fuel to increase the octane and improve engine performance with the following ingredients:

  1. Detergent Chemical Organic Function which functions to improve combustion and keep the engine in good shape
  2. Corrosion Inhibitor. Prevents corrosion / rust on gasoline lines and combustion engines, and removes residual rust due to wrong use of fuel such as premium on motorbikes with compression above 9.1 (injection and automatic types)
  3. De Emulsion. Separating pure fuel substances from impurity emulsions such as rainwater etc. So that it has no effect on the combustion process.

With ECO RACING, the combustion will be more complete, up to 90-100% exhaust emissions.
Complete combustion means that all of the gasoline (in the form of vapor) in the compression tube is completely burned, adding more thrust.
With Eco Racing, gasoline becomes even purer.

Eco Racing uses Nano technology and organic ingredients. He works indirectly to save fuel. But he crusted it through the exhaust air. Closing pores Engine block eroded due to unstable piston performance. In addition, eco racing creates a layer of flin on the engine block and pistons. This is an eco racing engineered so that the engine is protected. When opened, it is as if there is a plastic coating on the pistons, rings and inner engine block.

Fuel savings with Eco Racing is basically just the effect of perfect combustion.

In general, complete combustion occurs when the fuel has the equivalent RON (Research Octane Number) which corresponds to the vehicle’s Compression Ratio.

RON Compression Table
8,1: 1-9,0: 1 88
8,6: 1-9,5: 1 90
9,1: 1-10,0: 1 92
10,1: 1-10,7: 1 95
10.8: 1-11.5: 1 96

The higher the MACHINE COMPRESSION the higher the need for RON

Vehicles from 2009 on average have a high engine compression of at least 9.1: 1 and even 11.1: 1 etc. So need fuel with high RON.

Now the community does not understand this, so they still use low octane fuel and even subsidized fuel.

An example of an Avanza car has a compression ratio of 11.0: 1 engine, so ideally it requires a minimum RON of 96-98. If you are forced to use lower RON fuel, then the result is Knocking.

Knocking is the burning of a mixture of gasoline and air in the combustion chamber due to piston pressure before it gets a spark from the spark plug (Burning too fast prematurely).

The effect of Knocking:
– Wasteful of fuel
– Low energy
– The engine is crusty
– Oil gets dirty quickly
– Pollution
– Broken piston
– Overhaul

Benefits of Eco Racing
– Increase 5-10 RON
– Eliminates Knocking
– Save 50%
– Power and torque increase
– Descaling
– Protects the engine with Nano Technology
– Eliminates CO pollution up to 100%

So Eco Racing provides a Middle Way solution even though most people still choose cheap fuel with low RON or subsidies, such as gasoline RON88 when mixed with Eco Racing RON increases to 93 so you don’t knock.

Likewise, if Eco Racing is mixed with RON 90 fuel, the result is RON 95.

Check the type of vehicle
Compression Check
Adjust the use of eco racing to get the right RON

The system works so standard. If it is outside the standard, it is necessary to look at the condition of other machines.

The answer is that Eco Racing Products are not required to have SNI standards.

The following is information regarding products that are obliged to SNI.

http://bsn.go.id – Indonesian National Standard (SNI) is the only nationally applicable standard in Indonesia which is formulated by the SNI Formulation Technical Committee and stipulated by BSN. The application of SNI is basically voluntary. However, for the purpose of protecting public interests, state security, national economic development, and preservation of environmental functions, the government can enforce certain SNIs compulsorily.

A product that has fulfilled SNI will be given an SNI Mark. If the SNI for a certain product has been compulsory, the products not marked with the SNI may not be circulated or traded in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Meanwhile, a product that is outside the compulsory list, SNI mark functions as a sign that the product has value added, but does not prohibit the circulation of similar products that do not have the SNI mark.

http://www.kemenperin.go.id – Based on data from the Ministry of Industry, 544 products are included in three industrial sectors, namely electronics, textiles and textile products (TPT), as well as children’s toys. The number of SNI in the textile sector includes 521 products, 21 products for children’s toys, and two electronic products.

Arryanto Sagala, Head of the Agency for the Assessment of Climate Policy and Industrial Quality at the Ministry of Industry, said that the three product groups need to have SNI because similar imported products continue to flood the domestic market.

List of compulsory SNIs can be checked at http://sispk.bsn.go.id

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